'An Alliance is an agreement or friendship between two or more parties, made in order to advance common goals and to secure common interests'

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The International Polarity Education Alliance was created in 2010. This initiative grew out of the ongoing discussion and debate on the Polarity Council Group that was formed in 2000. This is a group of over 30 Polarity Educators from the USA, Canada and Europe who regularly explore all aspects of the future of Polarity.  

The Inaugural Gathering for the Polarity Education Alliance was held from November 12-14 2010. To read a full report and to access our audio and photo gallery click here.

Graduates of Polarity Trainings worldwide, can click here to join our organisation as a Polarity Therapy Professional (PTP).  The Alliance offers graduates of any Polarity educational process the opportunity to use the initials EPP (Energy Principles Practitioner) or PTP as appropriate. It also offers Energy Student status to anyone engaged in a Polarity education process.  

The International Polarity Education Alliance offers a public listing of allied trainings worldwide with a focus on "Polarity Education," in its broadest meaning. Any Polarity Therapy training or educational programme that uses Polarity principles can join.  

The trainings and courses featured on this website range from courses on Polarity Principles applied to personal growth and change to full trainings in the therapeutic system of Polarity Therapy to practitioner level as set out by the founder of the system Dr Randolph Stone DO DC ND.

Another great IPEA Gathering held in the sun of Phoenix, Arizona.


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