Explore a wide range of training opportunites in Polarity Therapy

The International Polarity Education Alliance offers a public listing of allied trainings worldwide with a focus on "Polarity Education," in its broadest meaning. Any Polarity Therapy training or educational programme that uses Polarity principles can join gthe IPEA and be listed below.
The trainings and courses featured on this website range from courses on Polarity Principles applied to personal growth to full trainings in the therapeutic system of Polarity Therapy to professional practitioner level.
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Neutral Space Relaxation® Training  

Lynda and Graham Whiteman
01243 649079
inf[email protected]

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Colorado School of Energy Studies  

Anna Chitty and Elizabeth Chitty Sandoval
[email protected]

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Altar Your Body  

Shanna Marsh & Corine Frankland
[email protected]

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Polarity Therapy Institute  

Brian Jansen - Program Director & Lead Educator

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Shakti: Energy as Medicine  

Bruce Burger, MA, RPE, BCPP
707 923 3387
[email protected]