Share your Polarity Experiences - World Polarity Day 2022

Please read the first post below by Sally Klein and then you can add your own Polarity experiences in the box at the bottom of the page. You can choose to add your name and contact details at the end of your piece or leave the post anonymous as you wish.

My Polarity Experience

I more deeply appreciate my skills and training from Polarity even more in these chaotic times.  Although I am retired from active client services, I find that I am using Polarity almost every day with myself and others around me, sometimes subtle, sometimes not.  Many are stressed, anxious, in pain, grieving, confused, angry, or sick.  I am a mindful witness to a number of women in my life and my daughter. I am sometimes put in the path of strangers who benefit for my guidance. I focus on helping to maintain balance and find a positive approach to navigate the present trials and the future. ( I am personally concerned that the future seems bleak and unhealthy, and I allow the despair and depression to roll through and away as best I can for myself and others around me.)  Sometimes, I receive feedback from my interactions with others, often, I do not know the direct end result of my words or actions. I try to find a way to neutralize the toxicity that keeps expanding, if I can.

 My suggestion for Polarity Day is to have a page or dropbox or someplace where we can share our successes and actions with each other.  Everyone could each submit a brief story or report about one or more ways we have used or are using Polarity in our family or community in a positive way during these trying times; or share something you have learned to see differently through the lens of Polarity or a synchronicity that occurred that is creating a new understanding or change in your life. I will certainly enjoy reading these stories and will feel closer to each of you.  I miss the Polarity conference gatherings a lot.  

Sally Starflower Klein in Bedford, Pennsylvania

Polarity Therapy is woven into my Being. 

In my daily spiritual practice,  I continue to do Polarity Yoga and do "self help" polarity holds on myself.

My favorite is to do all the foot work when I am taking a long, healing bath.

I am still amazed at the easy releasing of energy and sometimes just laugh as I feel the currents moving.

Thank you Dr. Stone!

Even though life has been extrenmely stressful ( being homeles for six months and then having Covid), I continue to see clients and feel Dr. Stone's PRESENCE with me, lookng over my shoulder as I support their system.

I had to cancel my Polarity Therapy training in January when I had Covid.

I was really disapointed, mostly in not being able to share with my students this amazing work!

Now, in our new home, on a mountain with eight acres of woods, I will be reaching out to educate the folks in this area about the benifits of Polarity Therapy and how the 4 Aspects of this work ( diet, bodywork, movement and self awarness), could benifit our community, esecially duiring this time of death and re-birth.

Phil, sorry I will miss your talk. I have a client who is one of my polarity students! same time, we will be sharing the medicine!

All my love and gratitude to the IPEA community.

From my heart to yours,

Rose Khalsa

Fibromyalgia, Sjogrens Syndrome, Lupus symptoms, mixed connective tissue disease, chronic fatigue, migraines, anxiety and PTSD, wow!  That's a lot for one person to  deal with, constant pain somewhere in her body, pain caused not by muscles, but from stiffening connective tissues in legs, arms, shoulders, hips, neck, back, throat, jaw, eyes.  There are no medicines that relieve connective tissue pain or fibromyalgia intermittent pain.  Every day it feels like there is a demon at the controls in the brain randomly pulling out cords from the switchboard and jamming them into another socket that creates lightening bolts of sensation to pop up randomly and unexpectedly in various body parts or organs.  Add to this peri menopausal hormonal shifts, that affect internal temperature regulation (hot flashes, cold spells, random sweating).  This is what my best friend endures causing her to spend most of her days in a recliner with her feet up, unable to work, shop, interact socially most days or enjoy activities that used to bring pleasure (music, singing, hiking, sex, dancing, cooking, driving, gardening, eating out, going to outdoor festivals and gatherings. All are to strenuous, noisy, rigorous, pain causing experiences. She mostly lives life vicariously through others via her phone, Youtube, podcasts, and social media,  venturing out only to critical medical appointments. Sounds like a nightmare, but there is a light in this story because of Polarity!  Polarity movement, daily trigger point therapy and polarity protocols, cranial sacral techniques, clearing of energy blockages in the connective tissues using all the types of touch from Polarity, manipulation and daily stretching provide some relief from the constant pain.  A nebulizer breathing treatment reduces lung, throat and mouth dryness (sjogrens syndome drys out all mucous membranes in the body, eyes, tears, nose, lungs, throat, stomach, intestines, vagina).  Cranial work resolves some migraine symptoms and reduces pain, recurring foot cramps and stiffness are addressed with polarity foot work.  My friend is lucky she has access to these treatments I offer her.  She has no income , cannot work and has been denied disability payments from SSI repeatedly. ( I'm beginning to believe administrative judges are soulless.) These treatment options plus access to a salt water hot tub for soaking, have improved her quality of life and her ability to sleep without having to medicate with addicting drugs or liver & stomach damaging medications. I dream of a world where all individuals with these severe symptoms have access to these necessary therapies and are listened to and acknowledged, accepted and supported by their families and communities instead of being ignored and marginalized.   If other practitioners would like to get specifics about what techniques for the various conditions listed above that I have been using, you may contact me at [email protected] .  I mostly use simple combinations of basic Polarity activities. If we hold another gathering , I would possibly offer a demonstration or workshop.    Sally Klein , Bedford , PA