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IPEA member Gunilla Carlberg in Sweden has proposed the idea of a World Polarity Day to be held each year on Dr Stone’s birthday, the 26th February.

It seems that there is quite a lot of interest from Polarity therapists to create the World Polarity Day after the proposal, posted on the IPEA Facebook group, received a very positive response.

The idea behind the World Polarity Day is that Polarity treatments are offered to people for free. This could be organised in collaboration with say, a charitable organization or independently. This activity could then become a way to market Polarity Therapy more broadly as it will take place simultaneously at different locations around the world and thus hopefully increase the possibility of media attention.

Those who want to participate can do so on their own initiative and be responsible for organising any event. We hope that you feel inspired by this idea and that you are willing to help spread the idea to as many fellow Polarity therapists as possible. The more people who gets involved, the better the outcome and hopefully the event can spread to all countries around the globe.

You can contact Gunilla by email at [email protected]

The IPEA is happy to support this initiative and you can post details on any activities that you plan to offer on the day using the form below which will then immediately appear in the event listing opposite. Remember to include your contact details.

Spread the word!