Kathryn J. Ross (US)

Polarity Therapy Professional
614 946 0550
Ohio, 44425 United States

About Kathryn

My practice has become very small since moving to a new town in summer 2020 (I do not recommend moving in the middle of a pandemic quarantine, especially if you buy a fixer-upper home!) I'm only seeing a few people as I prepare a space to open a practice, a shed in the back yard in which I also hope to teach classes. I also teach at The Global Academy for Energetic Education in Columbus, Ohio. The class I teach is Sound and Vibration Therapy. The students learn several tuning fork protocols, crystals, and pendulums. They also learn exercises to help them access their intuition. But the first thing I teach them is that tools like tuning forks, singing bowls, gongs, pendulums, and crystals are all well and good, but we really have everything we need to practice energy work in our hands, hearts, and mind.