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IPEA Journal

IPEA Journal Vol 4 cover.jpg

Volume IV of the IPEA Journal 

As usual, this is a not for profit project and the price of the Journal is just to cover print costs and postage. 



Polarity Therapy: State of exploratory clinical and scientific research         
by Michelle Guay

Thérapie de la Polarité: État des recherches cliniques exploratoires et scientifiques    
by Michelle Guay

What is grief 
by Ann Watters

by Eleanora Lipton      

Polarity Therapy - Support for self-help      
by Brigitta Raimann and Andreas Ledermann

Neutrality Within The Counselling Aspects Of Polarity Therapy      
by Sally Topham

Esoteric Polarity Healing - Exoteric Polarity Therapy        
by Phil Young

Polyvagal Theory, Trauma, and Bodywork          
by Glen Weimer


Volume II of the IPEA Journal 


The Polarity Model of Randolph Stone
An except from her Ph.D dissertation on the topic by Béatrice Elouard in both English and French
Seeking Balance in Current Politics by John Chitty 
The Delights and Confusions of the 5 Pointed Star by Morag Campbell & Phil Young
Still Point by John Bodary
Caregiving by Ann Watters
Bodily Map of Emotions - a Polarity Analysis by Phil Young

Volume II

Letters to the Editors 

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From Raymond in Canada

"I received my three copies of the IPEA Journal a couple of weeks ago. Thanks and congrats for the fabulous work!"

Journal_ Vol_III_cov.jpg

Volume III of the IPEA Journal 


Polarity and Spirituality by Morag Campbell
Fire and Smoke by Ann Watters
The Spiritual Model of Randolph Stone’s Polarity by Béatrice Elouard
Le modèle spirituel de la polarité de Randolph Stone par Béatrice Elouard
Body, Mind, Emotion, Spirit - Intention by John Bodary
Spirituality and Science in Polarity Therapy by Phil Young
The Spirituality of Polarity ...or the real reason I became
a Polarity therapist
by Meredith Zelman Narissi
Polarity Therapy, Native American Healing and Spirituality by Rose Khalsa
Applied Spiritualityby Brigitta Raimann and Andreas Ledermann
A Polarity Qi Gong through Spiritual Energetics by Jean Philippe (Yon) Erbin

Volume III


Volume I of the IPEA JOURNAL


Merge the Essential Basics of Silence, Intention, Presence and Spirit with the Parasympathetic System and then Let the Elements Rule - John Bodary
Is There Still Space for Dreams in your Head - Andreas Ledermann
Quantum Listening - John Beaulieu
A New Approach to Deep Perineal Work - John Chitty
Centrifugal and Centripetal Types in Polarity Therapy - Phil Young
Posterior Pelvic Tilt – a Tool to Create Consciousness - Cecilia Rademacher
Evolution of Consciousness - Shola Arewa
A Woman Dying while Living - Ann Watters
Incorporating Tarot into a Polarity Session - Miriam Jacobs

Volume I