Using the Standards

Suggestions for How to Use Polarity Therapy Open Source Standards

For Students: During or after a class make notes on how the topic you are learning is congruent with the standards. Think about each standard and how it relates to your topic. If you do not understand ask your teacher, refer to Master Open Source Standards document at, and/or ask questions via the International Polarity Education Alliance.

For Teachers: Design your course so that each standard is clearly congruent with the topic or skill set you are teaching. Make a blank copy of the Polarity Therapy Open Sources Standards and use it to help plan your course and/or pass it out to your students with Dr. Stone Quotes, Congruent Modality Concepts, Polarity Key Words, References, and Commentaries for your specific topic.


You can share this special copy via the Educational Alliance, for example:  The Polarity Energy Principles related to Cranial Therapy or The Polarity Energy Principles in Business Coaching or any other work you are teaching by sharing the integration of your topic within the International Polarity Educational Alliance. Please email "admin at" for details on how your own application of the Polarity Therapy Open Source Standards can be included on the website.