VI. Five Elements

VI. The Student Understands the dynamics of the Five Elements and their interactions within the life practice and/or healing modality they are learning                  

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“As long as these elements or energies flow into and through each other, and support each other in function, all is well.”

Polarity Key Words: Chakras, Centers of Energy, Rivers (Bible),

Congruent Modality Concepts:


A.   Ether  

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Polarity Key Words:  Space

Congruent Modality Concepts: Freedom of Expression, Openness, Quintessence (Alchemy)


B.   Air

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Polarity Key Words:  Quick, Fast, Touch, Nervous System,

Congruent Modality Concepts: Airiness, Mobility, Lightness


C.   Fire

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Key Polarity Words:  Shooting Forward, Light,

Congruent Modality Concepts: Heat, Brightness, Expansiveness


D.   Water

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Key Polarity Words: Flowing, Bonding

Congruent Modality Concepts:  Fluidity, Smoothness, Flowing, Watery, Nurturing,


E. Earth

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Key Polarity Words: Crystallized, Fear,

Congruent Modality Concepts:  Slow, Steady, Secure, Grounded, Structured